H a y m i t c h  in Catching Fire

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johanna mason literally said “fuck you” to president snow but he’s like “oh shit katniss done made herself a bird”

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I’m sorry, little duck.


I’m sorry, little duck.

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sure i enjoyed catching fire but… CAN WE STOP please making the visual equivalence crossdressing/sexually ambiguous/general queerness = decadent/corrupt/EVIL? can we just stop that shit, hollywood?

seriously, the hunger games, what the fuck. why are we still having this conversation?

how to ruin your life through fictional sex lives: another evening spent perplexed as to how people in the thg fandom can...


another evening spent perplexed as to how people in the thg fandom can hate katniss everdeen

i mean that in the literal, how are you able to hate her and sit through these books way. how did you get through these books, which are 85% katniss’ internal monologue and 15% something resembling a plot, if you hate katniss everdeen?

how did you even get through book one?

chapter one?

i get if you hate the whole series overall, but if you like it in some capacity, how did you manage to sit through three books if you hate the character whose head you’re so deeply entrenched in that you might as well order some kitchen appliances because, baby, we’re moving in?

Exactly and this is what I think every time somebody says they love the Harry Potter books and Buffy The Vampire Slayer but they hate Harry or Buffy Summers (I’ve seen quite a lot of both cases in fandom) and I’m like “then how on earth could you continue reading/watching?” Even more so in the case of Katniss because it’s first person point of view. I mean I’m really curious about how that works - I have never put myself through a narrative of some length if I absolutely loathed the main/pov character. It works for me in movies, I can dig movies like that. But book series/tv shows? I don’t have that in me.

And I by no means love Katniss. There’s a lot I resent in Katniss, but most of it doesn’t have to do with Katniss herself, rather with Collins and her often horrible choices. Like, I wish Katniss would be more than she is in the way I wish the books could have been more than they are.

But I like Katniss. I always feel for her (I think a degree of sympathy for the character is required to get through these books) and I want her to do well, to come out on top of it all (which, really, she doesn’t, not completely in my opinion). More importantly, I think, I enjoy Katniss. I enjoy her voice and I enjoy going on the journey with her.

So yeah, I agree, I cannot understand how you can hate Katniss and finish these books, let alone like them. It baffles me.