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  • who falls asleep on the couch: Coulson. He always says he’s worried Skye might do something irreverent like draw on his face (even though she’s never done anything like that and would never and he’s just being silly) but he just finds her happily curled against him when he wakes up. She does have a great time watching his ridiculous sleeping face for a while though and it kind of comforts her seeing him relaxed because he doesn’t get breaks too often. She also likes the fact that she is one of the very few people who gets to see Phil Coulson like this, it gives her a little thrill.
  • who wakes up first: Coulson. He’s a well-trained company man who has kept strict schedules most of his life, he rises at the break of dawn. Skye is still a rebel hacker at heart and her body still retains the memory of sleepless nights and contradicting time zones. It’s not that she has trouble waking up once the alarm goes off, but she wouldn’t wake up without it. Skye is also a light sleeper (when you have lived in a van for two years with people trying to break in constantly you kind of have to be a light sleeper) and she wakes up often during the night. Sometimes that leads to Coulson being woken too and great middle-of-the-night sex ensues. Sometimes it just means that Skye will need an extra alarm. Coulson never gives her any grief for it, not even as her boss - he doesn’t associate early risers with actual discipline or work ethics, it’s just that he’s wired like this. He enjoys her face those times when she wakes and he’s already showered and dressed and she frowns at him like he’s somehow insulted her.
  • who cooks the most: Neither. They like to eat out, mostly, whenever they can,  whenever they are not tasting the delicacies of the pre-prepared Bus meals. Skye lets Coulson pick the restaurant more often than not, because he knows his stuff and because he likes showing off (he comes from humble origins so Skye gets why he likes to enjoy his self-made sophistication even though she doesn’t care about the difference between this wine and that other) but from time to time Skye gets news of a really good place through some hipster food blog and she takes Coulson there and it’s normally things like glorified hot dogs but Coulson is no snob and he appreciates Skye dragging him to these little gems.
  • who’s in charge of the tv remote: Skye, obviously. She makes sure Coulson watches The Big Lebowski first of all and other stuff like Wes Anderson movies. Coulson actually likes what she picks so they don’t have many fights over the remote. Skye also likes documentaries, about nature and science and whatever, because she doesn’t like it when FitzSimmons tease her for not knowing about stuff - Coulson loves when she chooses documentaries because he also doesn’t like it when FitzSimmons tease him for not knowing about stuff. Sometimes they get bored of trying to fix their lack of higher education and they just watch sports together and get really intense when cheering for opposite teams - Skye picks the opposite team to Coulson’s on principle because she likes it when they get really, er, intense.
  • who takes the longest getting ready: Coulson. You think those perfectly-fitted suits look that well on him by accident? Skye is used to effectiveness, anyway, she can change clothes in literally seconds (sometimes Coulson really, really resents that she can undress so fast and he asks her to please go slower). She teases him about it mercilessly, because even when he wears casual clothes he takes a long time to get ready - but then again she doesn’t complain about how well those jeans suit him so it’s not a problem.
  • who takes up most of the bed: Skye is getting more comfortable sleeping on a big bed, night by night. She’s used to narrow spaces, while Coulson, he admits, is used to a bit more luxury, he’s used to having the boss’ priviledges and he usually takes more space in the bed than Skye, out of habit. Neither of them is used to sharing a bed with another person, though. Skye never really lived with Miles, even when they were inseparable, and Coulson’s relationships -whether by his own choice or not- were more about a night in a hotel from time to time than about sharing a bed daily. So they are both very new at this. But they manage.
  • if/what pets they have: Their lives don’t leave much room for a pet, they’re too chaotic and dangerous and the Playground is not the greatest place for animals. Coulson thinks that if he started allowing pets around the base Fitz would get a monkey and that’ll be the end of that. When Skye was a kid she was obssessed with living in the country and having dozens of dogs and horses but that perspective soon lost its allure and she is a city girl after all (or an underground secret base girl, now). One day Coulson tells her how he used to have a pet turtle when he was a kid and Skye considers buying him one as a joke but she is not willing to endure Fitz’s protestations about why Coulson gets a pet and he doesn’t get a monkey. So for now any pet-related plans are on hold.

I like the idea of Coulson taking Skye to fancy restaurants and then him being like “I could make this” and then trying to impress Skye with his cooking. And also him taking her to a trendy expensive place and her reading the vibe and she talks him into leaving and they go to a food truck and then come back to the restaurant and just get the dessert (because that’s what Phil was after anyway, because he likes to watch her eat dessert). And then the whole ride home is them pretending to talk about the desert but they’re really just talking about all the sex they’re about to have.

The fancier the restaurant the more obscenely Skye would eat the food just to make Coulson uncomfortable - except that he doesn’t get uncomfortable, he totally plays the same game. There are probably some places where they are not allowed back.

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allisonnnnnnn wah


allisonnnnnnn wah

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