"… I thought I could throw myself back in, follow orders, serve.  It’s just not the same."

shinyshoeshaveyouseenmymoves said: I don't get all the people who think Ward was totally oblivious to the nature of HYDRA and its past. Sure, when Garrett first tells him about it he was clueless, but in the intervening years (and at the Academy ffs) he would have found out about the organisation Garrett had brought him in to, and must have had to consciously decide, no, I'd rather stay loyal to Garrett than think twice about continuing my association with what is historically a shady as fuck Nazi splinter group.

He wasn’t he obviously wasn’t. When he tells Skye “it has nothing to do with today” it obviously shows that he knows the bullshit rethoric HYDRA uses today - like what Alexander Pierce says in Cap 2.

He knew what he was doing. He just didn’t care enough to do the right thing. Story of his life, really.

Ward had years and opportunities to find out what HYDRA was about and what Garrett really wanted in his association with them. Trip mentions Garrett spoke with Pierce on occassion so we can assume Garrett was pretty high up the HYDRA career ladder. And Ward was the only person paranoid bag of dicks Garrett trusted implicitly. Ward probably knew more about HYDRA’s nature than many HYDRA agents we’ve seen on screen.

Who gives a fuck if Ward believes in HYDRA’s ideals or not. Defending a non-believer Nazi is as bad as defending an idealistic Nazi, there are no levels of being a Nazi. He murdered and betrayed for HYDRA, why the fuck would anyone care what Ward really thinks about the organization? I mean Ward probably felt at home there, seeing how he’s a raging misogynist and we have yet to see a female HYDRA agent with lines anywhere in the MCU so he probably didn’t have to worry about women getting promotions for their physical appearances, we know Ward worries about this issue a lot. What makes Ward a Nazi is that he works for Nazis, I don’t care if he excuses himself by saying he’s not a true believer, that’s just disgusting. And I find it egregious that his fans use the same hollow excuse to defend their precious Hitler Youth hunk.

I don’t get it either. My experience in this fandom is one of constant bafflement.

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actually-an-octopus said: just wanted you to know that your fandom smackdowns are a constant source of joy in my life. you're brilliant. <3

I swear I didn’t mean to get into any more Teen Wolf drama. But when you see senseless hate (reeking of misogyny) in the general tag of a ship/character you like it’s really hard to shut up.

The Teen Wolf fandom is way to huge and too problematic for me to even dip my toe in it, but I feel the need to stand up for my girl Malia from time to time, because haters are just being ridiculous at this point.

I am a fallen woman, but I assure you: I did not fall. I was pushed.

I am a fallen woman, but I assure you: I did not fall. I was pushed.

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You would think that maybe Tony would be genre-savvy with the whole renegade-destruction-robot-apocalypse thing, but no

Lydia has one of the more interesting storylines this year, and it starts kicking off now. With Lydia, I mean this year we wanted to - On this show Lydia has kinda been on the outside in the first couple seasons. It’s always like ‘will Lydia help us?’ And now Lydia is a part of the team. I think part of her arc was sort of inspired by what happened last season - Allison basically died trying to save her. She told Aiden to be a better guy and he died doing that. And now Lydia is sort of on her heroic arc. And I think part of that is sort of figuring out some secrets about her past, her family history. We also wanted to make it just horrible. […] Using Allison and Aiden’s name in this episode. We really wanted to make it a hard journey for her.


Stalia is so cute! The way she sneaks in his room .. forces him to cuddle and abuses him. How adorable, right!?

Let’s not forget their memories! Like, how when they first met she punched him .. or how their first time was in the basement of an insane asylum. 

She is so trustworthy to him! Like, isn’t it cute how she’d stay and protect him but let all his friends die! True love is real people <3.

I don’t know why you felt the need to post this in the “stalia” tag and the “anti stalia” tag at the same time. No one wants your hate in the “stalia” tag. Putting your hate in the “stalia” tag implies you just want to piss shippers off and you’re an asshole.

But hey, since you posted it in the “stalia” tag that means you were welcoming Stalia fans to argue their own reasons against your post, right?

Look, this show is shit at framing things like problematic issues in relationships. I don’t understand how the writers keep putting Lydia and Peter in the same room after all the rape imaginery we had to endure when Peter was manipulating her to come back to life. I don’t understand how no one called Scott out on his possessive bullshit towards Allison when he was throwing Isaac against a wall for daring to fancy a girl Scott was no longer with, specially when immediately after Scott starts wanting to date Kira but that’s not an obstacle for him to still begrudge Isaac.

So yeah I have a big problem of moral dissonance with the show in many aspects, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other people did too.

But. Malia is not abusing Stiles. Stiles was being flippant and also expressing understandable confusion at the developing relationship (we haven’t seen Stiles have a long term romance before) when he told that to Scott but he is obviously okay with Malia sneaking into his room, because we have seen him OVERJOYED at Malia’s presence in his life and his house and we have seen him fooling around in his room with her since then. He is genuinely happy to be in a relationship with Malia. And by the way with the stuff Stiles has had to go through recently his romance Malia is one of the few things that’s making him happy. So there’s that. The scratches on the back comment was the Teen Wolf writers not being very funny & thinking they were in trying to point out the fact that Stiles is in a relationship with a supernatural being, and that has its own set of complications, just like Scott’s relationship with Allison had and the show also tackled that. It was a bad joke, yes, but it wasn’t a sign of abuse.

By the way, do you think Scott Fucking McCall would allow Stiles’ to continue in an abusive relationship without saying anything if he even suspected Stiles’ comments about Malia implied that Stiles is in any way uncomfortable in said relationship?. How much of an awful friend do you think Scott is? He took the comments for what they were, a sign of Stiles’ bafflement about the peculiarities of initiating a romance with a werecoyote. Scott is a good friend and he knows Stiles better than anyone on this show, he would worry about Stiles if he thought for a second his protests were for real. Trust Scott McCall. Malia has been a human for only a short time, of course she is having troubles adjusting to being around humans and controlling her own power. We see Stiles being progressively more comfortable around Malia as Malia learns to control her werecoyote nature - it’s natural that at first the relationship was a bit more unconventional because Malia has never had a romantic relationship and couldn’t really know the conventions. In the scene where she and Stiles are studying together it’s obvious that any awkwardness about dating they could have had in the beginning is gone.

Categorizing a non-abusive relationship as abuse is awful. Specially doing all this bullshit for your vicious hate on a female character.

And seriously, do you think Malia, who at this point basically worships the ground where Stiles walks, wouldn’t stop her behaviour if Stiles told her it made him genuinely uncomfortable. It has been CANONICALLY proven that Malia would never hurt Stiles, even when turned. And Stiles is not afraid of Malia, he trusts her. He is not in a relationship with her because he is afraid of her or because she is pressuring her into it. Narrative hint: Stiles looks over the fucking moon about being with Malia. He is in a relationship with her because he wants to be, and she wants it too.

No, I don’t like Malia punching Stiles either, but I get where she was coming from, and I get what the show was trying to show us with that - how for her Stiles and Scott represented the people who took her from a life she knew and was comfortable in, as brutal as it was, and dropped her into a life of confusion where the person who was supposed to care for her locked her up in a psychiatric insitution (can you please not call it an insane asylum? i know Stiles calls it a nuthouse but Stiles is being a shit person there). The truth us they turned Malia into a human without her consent and they were a bit reckless about the ramifications of that decision So yeah, I understand Malia’s frustration, and Malia has lived in the wild for most of her life, where she had to be violent to survive. If Scott was in that scene instead of Stiles be sure Malia would have punched Scott, so no, it’s not a reflection of their future abusive relationship. And by the way Derek has been super violent physically towards Stiles in the past and fandom at large isn’t hating on Derek for it or saying Sterek is an abusive relationship. Also anger is canonically part of the were nature, even for our heroes. Derek has been unjustifiably violent, and so has Scott, without it being a reflection of their true horrible natures. Does this show have a problem with framing casual violence? Definitely. Is Malia a sociopath who beats up Stiles every time they are alone? No. Are you a fucking child for spewing senseless hate for a female character and a pairing and then posting it in the pairing tag? Yes, you are.

And what is so wrong about them having their first time in Eichen House? What is wrong with two characters finding solace and tenderness in each other in a moment where they feel hopeless and confused? Malia wanted to go back to being a coyote again, she didn’t want to be what she was. Stiles was afraid of what he was at that moment, he didn’t want to be what he was. I don’t see how two people finding such obvious common ground and trying to get some joy in a joyless and dark place is a problem for their romance to be a positive one. You might not like it and that’s your prerogative but it’s not an objectively bad narrative idea.

And about the last thing? LOL. As if Stiles wasn’t the most amoral character among our heroes. How many times has Stiles wanted to kill somebody (most of them not bad guys) because it seemed easier/quicker than try to fix the problem like Scott always wants? That’s the dynamic, Stiles says something awfully amoral and then Scott comes up with the right solution. I mean, the show is very bad at pointing Stiles’ moral shortcomings, but even so, you can see how shit he is at proposing to do the right thing. Malia has lived in a brutal environment where survival was the norm for the her - the fact that she even prioritizes one life (Stiles’) over her safety is a big thing. She’s learning, of course - and her latest interactions with Lydia show her opening her world beyond Scott and Stiles, learning to care for more people. I don’t see how the Champion of Amorality Stiles is going to be so much worse off with a girl who is learning morality because she has been an animal for most of her life. Have you seen Stiles bothered at Malia’s recent amoral comments or have you seen him delighted that someone agrees with him and excusing her because she’s still learning? I think they could be amoral supernatural detectives together, but what I don’t see is Stiles finding her untrustworthy because she’s adjusting to her new human surroundings. Malia is probably the one who will have the trouble with Stiles, because Stiles is hiding the truth about Peter from her, and that is untrustworthy. But no, Malia is the one you have to paint as untrustworthy, I’m not fucking surprised.

Bottom line: you are free to have your gross opinions and your simplistic sarcasm, of course, but keep them out of the “stalia” tag.


Maybe the best sarcastic conversation in tv history